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We are able to invest globally, whilst recognising that we retain a significant competitive advantage in Africa and emerging markets.



We view ourselves as true partners for our portfolio companies, not simply capital providers. We aim to add real value to businesses through our operational expertise.



We differ from other players in the industry in that we are unconstrained by time limits and possess both the patience and commitment necessary in order to create permanent capital.



We take a thorough and holistic approach to due diligence, retaining a sharp focus on key financial criteria.



We are fortunate in having a flexible mandate, which enables us to consider a wide range of assets and sectors and to leverage a variety of tools across the capital structure.



We seek to grow our portfolio whilst enhancing the prosperity of the communities around us, be it in terms of job creation, provision of critical services, or the development of vital sectors in the economy. We take a view that private enterprise – responsibly managed and profitable – is a key contributor to sustainable societal well-being.



We take a hard line on reputational risk and breaches of governance. We will refrain from engaging in sectors we may object to on ethical or moral grounds, and will review our exposure regularly across both dimensions.


Identifying the right investment partner is a critical decision for any business, with far-reaching implications. It is a judgment call that requires an alignment of values and a shared vision.

The industry we operate in is a crowded one, dominated by incentives which often lead companies to making short-term decisions. We at Oppenheimer Partners hope to provide an alternative.

Our flexible mandate and generational investment horizon mean that we start from a different set of premises than some of our competitors. Our commitment to shared prosperity means that we are guided by incentives and values that we feel are better aligned to the interests of companies, and therefore more sustainable over time.



Oppenheimer Partners has purchased a significant stake in GZ Industries Limited (“GZI”), the leading aluminium can supplier to the beverage industry in Nigeria.

GZI began operating in 2010 and is the leading supplier of beverage cans in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.The company has longstanding customer relationships with most of the major beverage manufacturers and operates to world class standards. GZI has been the first to launch varying can sizes in the Nigerian market.

Oppenheimer Partners is building on its investment in GZI to create its Sub-Saharan packaging platform. Growth plans for GZI include expansion into South Africa, diversifying its range of can sizes in Nigeria as well as broadening its product range into other packaging forms.

GZI is on track to commission a plant with an annual production capacity of 1.2 billion cans in South Africa by the first half of 2019 with room for further expansion as required. The GZI shareholders will be creating a BEE trust in South Africa to ensure that the South African operation has a broad ownership base. This reflects a core part of Oppenheimer Partners’ investment philosophy of making a real and permanent contribution to the well-being of the communities in which it operates.


Oppenheimer Partners has invested in Medical Specialist Holdings (Pty) Ltd (“MSH”) which is a healthcare service provider in South Africa focusing on cancer care. This investment is in line with Oppenheimer Partners’ ambitions to develop a global healthcare platform through acquisitions and expansion funding.

MSH has 28 oncology centres with 32 linear accelerators for radiation therapy. These service mainly the private sector population of almost 9 million. It has strong working relationships with the public sector in certain areas in South Africa.

The Independent Clinical Oncology Network (“ICON”) resides within the MSH group of companies with the goal of advancing and improving patient care in South Africa by utilizing unique and progressive treatment models. At the core of the model is a network of approximately 132 dedicated medical specialists who are committed to patient-centric, ethical care. Through this system there is substantial amount of useful data that can be used effectively in this sector for the benefit of doctors, patients and funders alike.

The importance of the specialists is further evidenced in their shareholding in MSH. MSH continues to seek additional specialists to join the group and grow alongside and Oppenheimer Partners has reserved and funded equity of more than R20 million for new black doctors to join the group.